Maximum Security

 •  For Automobiles and SUV´s  • 

3D-Shield Through this system, molds or ballistic panels are manufactured in one piece preformed, which are adjusted according to the measures and vehicle design, allowing a significant reduction in weight and number of joints. The system has been designed for each particular model, ensuring excellent coupling to the body, avoiding welding or modifications to the original structure of the vehicle, and uses no fragments to form a large part. Thus the panel fits the profile and the complex forms of the interior walls of the vehicle without the need to reinforce with steel parts.

armored suv3dshield armored•  Greater protection with a thick coating of uniform all around the vehicle

kit armor piece armor•  Each piece is designed specifically for each vehicle model The molds or ballistic panels are manufactured in one piece


ultra - light armor 

•  Less weight by not carrying steel joints  • 

armor automobile

•  Best appearance to keep 100% of the original painting  •

3D-Shield The ballistic panels are made based on a type of aramid and high strength composites which through a complex process of temperature, pressure and tension, it achieves a progressive deformation of these materials, to merge into one body.